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What's in Your Bag?

11 Jul 2017

Typically, golf clubs are considered to be the most valuable items in your golf bag. But there are other things that you should think about keeping in your bag that are also of value! What good would your clubs be without a ball to hit? Would your driver be useful without a tee? Without some of these essentials you may not be able to finish your round. Here are a few things you should always keep in your golf bag to avoid having to end your round early: 

A Couple of Essentials:

1. Golf Balls. This one may seem pretty obvious, but imagine losing your ball halfway through a round and not having another to replace it! Carry 4 or 5 extra golf balls (or a dozen for those who golf like I do) and avoid this issue altogether!

2. Golf Tees. These are essential for hitting that perfect drive off the tee block!golf ball

3. Umbrella. Don't let the rain be the reason you don't finish those last 2 holes! Always be prepared and have an umbrella on hand for those unexpected showers. Be sure to pack rain gear if rain is in the weather forecast. 

4. Sunscreen. Protecting yourself from the sun is incredibly important, so be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout your round. 65% of skin cancer cases are associated with exposure to UV radiation, with men over 40 having the highest annual UV exposure rate. Be sure to apply sunscreen to fully enjoy your round!

5. Towel. This will save you from wiping that dirty club on the grass. You could also keep a second towel to use to wipe off your neck or face on hot days.

6. Water Bottle. This is essential unless you play the course on a regular basis and know where the water fountains are located on the course. You are going to be outside in the hot sun for hours, so staying hydrated is incredibly important. 

7. Snacks. Keep a snack of some sort such as a granola bar or crackers on hand. You never know how often you'll see the snack cart and playing hungry is never fun!

8. First Aid. Keep some basic first aid materials in your bag such as band-aids and polysporin. Bug spray can also be a lifesaver and can save some frustration during mosquito season. 

9. Ball Retriever. If the course you regularly play has water hazards, a ball retriever is a good tool to keep in your bag. There's nothing worse than hitting your ball into the water and seeing the ball just a few feet out of reach!

A Few Extras

There are a couple of other things you could keep in your bag such as a ball marker, an extra glove, or extra socks in case you end up walking through some water. Try to pack only what you know you will be using or could need. A bag is heavy enough without adding some extra weight. Be sure to figure out which essentials make the most sense for your area and pack accordingly! 

Once your bag is packed appropriately, head over to Willow Valley for a round! Call the pro shop at (905)-679-2703 or click here to book a tee time. 

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