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The Benefits of Golfing

02 Jun 2017

It isn't exactly a secret that one of the best ways to improve your overall health is to be more active. But if the idea of going to a gym doesn't get you excited, consider heading out to the course instead!

Golfing offers many health benefits not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and possibly even financially. 

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of golf are pretty straightforward-you are out on the fairway walking, swinging clubs, carrying your bag.. and can adjust the level of physical activity as much or as little as you want. If carrying your clubs seems like it will be a bit too much work, use a push cart! While you are outdoors, you are getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine, which means getting a good dose of vitamin D, which is something almost everyone isn't getting enough of! Lots of fresh air and sunshine throughout the day can also help to settle you in for a good night's sleep. 

"Happiness is a long walk with a putter." - Greg Norman

Mental Benefits

Golfing is also good for your brain. There have been studies done that have proven that increased physical activity means more blood flow to the brain. This helps in preventing some forms of dementia. There are also improvements in your hand eye coordination as well as mental math skills when adding up strokes (making some of us wish we'd paid more attention in math class).

Social Benefits

Golf can also have positive impacts on mental health. It provides you with much needed social interactions, as well as forces you to concentrate and focus. These social interactions give you the opportunity to be competitive against others, as well as against yourself. It gives you goals to work towards whether it is improving your overall score, or improving upon one aspect of golf (such as putting). 

Financial Benefits

Golfing can provide you with financial benefits as well. A golf course is one of the best places to discuss business with a potential or new client. It provides a laid back and informal setting to get to know the person you would like to do business with. The next time you want to do some business, it might not be a bad idea to mix business with pleasure!  Click here to learn tips and tricks about golf course business etiquette. 

Willow Valley provides the perfect venue to experience all of these different benefits (sun excluded-we cannot control the weather)! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff ensure that your round will be as enjoyable and fun as possible! Be sure to like our facebook page and sign up for our email to receive exclusive offers throughout the season! We hope to see you around! 

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