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Start Them Young!

08 Jun 2018

While at one point, golf was an exclusive sport only available to a favoured few, it has become an incredibly popular way for everybody to get active while enjoying the great outdoors. But the next time you head out for a round, why not bring the youths in your life along with you! Whether it’s your child, your niece or nephew, or any young one, they’re sure to enjoy the time spent outdoors at the very least… and they just might discover their passion!


First off, of course, are the overall health benefits of golfing. It’s a game that helps improve a player’s core muscles and flexibility, without the same risk of injury associated with contact sports. It’s a great way for people of all ages to get in some exercise and enjoy their time doing it.

Golf helps kids learn to focus, as well as helping them develop their analytical skills. During a game, they will be constantly learning how to recognize where they can improve, and immediately implementing those adjustments. It’s a great skill set that anyone can take off the greens and into the business world.

Speaking of business, golf is a great skill to have for developing professional relationships in the future. Many business deals have been negotiated between holes, so by learning how to play golf early on, youths are getting a professional edge that will serve them well. 


Socialization is another great skill that young ones will learn when golfing. Whether they’re out with family or friends, the game is a great opportunity for people to connect and communicate away from distractions – particularly the electronic ones. Golf offers an opportunity for inter-generational bonding that is actually pretty unique.

Every golfer knows what it’s like to make a bad shot, or lose a game entirely. Learning how to cope with disappointments, and on the flip side, how to be a gracious winner, are skills that every youth needs to develop to be successful in life, and these are things they will learn while playing golf.

Willow Valley Golf Course knows how important it is for youths to get comfortable on the links. That’s why we offer our Junior Golfer Special every Sunday after 3 p.m. Any youth accompanied by an adult paying full price gets to golf for free.

It’s just one of the ways we want to help pay it forward to the next generation of golfers.


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