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Planning a Tournament: Part 4

30 Jun 2017

The guidance and assistance that Willow Valley provides doesn't stop the day of the tournament! We are here to ensure the tournament runs smoothly and that your guests enjoy themselves. We encourage you to reflect upon the day and to provide us with feedback once the tournament is complete! Please read part 1, part 2, and part 3 before you continue reading. 

9. The Tournament Has Begun... Now What? 

We are committed to ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We provide marshals that patrol the course. They assist golfers by providing directions, as well as answering any questions or concerns regarding the rules or tournament format. They ensure an acceptable pace of play, which leads to the best possible experience for those on the course. As the tournament progresses, Willow Valley will provide food and beverage carts with a variety of payment options. You will also be provided with course rules and regulations regarding the purchase of alcohol on the course. 

The weather is a factor that is watched closely the day of the tournament. If there is threatening weather in the forecast, our staff monitors the up-to-the minute radar. If dangerous weather becomes imminent, the marshals will sound a number of horns to call the golfers off the course. 

Should you decide to hold any contests, Willow Valley will provide for whatever needs are required. For this reason we have a putting board available. We also provide markers for activities such as 'closest to the pin' and 'longest drive'. After the players have finished their rounds, the pro shop will collect the scorecards and tally the scores. This is required if you are planning on announcing a winner as well as awarding prizes or trophies. We encourage you to let us know of any additional needs or requirements for the tournament, as we strive to ensure the best experience possible! The staff at Willow Valley is flexible and very accommodating to any requests made. 

10. After the Tournament: Feedback & Reflection

Once the tournament has ended there will be quite a bit to reflect upon. 

- Were all of your expectations fulfilled? If not, why?
- Did the course itself meet your needs? Was it too easy, or too hard? Was the course in adequate condition? 
- Was the registration fee appropriate for the services provided?
- Did the facility meet all of your needs?
- Would you recommend the course to others looking for a tournament venue? 
- Did you market the event appropriately? What might you do differently the next time? 
- Did you have a suitable number of volunteers?
- Were your goals met? Were financial goals met? If not, what can you do differently next time? Were the auctions and raffles run appropriately? 
- Were there any last minute or unexpected problems? If so, could they have been avoided through more careful planning? 
- Did the post round ceremonies go off without a hitch? 
- Were the tournament rules and format clear to all of the golfers? 
- Was this an event the golfers would want to participate in next year? Did everyone involved feel as though it was an enjoyable experience? 

Let us know how Willow Valley can make your tournament even more of a success! Our number one priority is to make our customers happy, so we love to know how we can improve. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback! For more details into the tournament planning process or to book your tournament, give the pro shop a call at (905)-679-2703. 

The full 10-step guide is available for download! Simply click 'download attachment' below to download your own copy!

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