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Great Golfers Need a Great Caddie

13 Jun 2018

A Great Caddie: The Unsung Hero

Behind every great golfer is a great caddie, ready and willing to offer support and advice while carrying the clubs. Over time, there have been many of these all-too-often unsung heroes. They continue to help golfers with more than just carrying their bags. Many of the greatest golfers agree that a knowledgeable caddie can make the difference between victory and defeat.

For instance, Sam ‘Killer’ Foy had 36 wins over 45 years with three players. He was with Hale Irwin in 1979 at the US Open when Irwin took the victory.

It Can't be a Coincidence

Annika Sorenstam is one of the greatest players in LPGA history. She had the same caddie, Terry McNamara, for six years (2000 to 2005). During this time, she won 48 tournaments. So it’s fair to say that he played his part while she played her gold-standard game.

Sorenstam is far from the only woman to leave her mark on the greens.

Fanny Sunesson has been described by Golfworld as “smart and authoritative.” She caddied for Fred Funk, Sergio Garcia and Henrik Stenson. She also caddied for Nick Faldo, who won four major championships during their years together.

Rooting for Each Other

Caddies will not only help their golfers play their best game, but also will celebrate alongside them in their achievements.

One of the Masters’ all-time highlights was in 1975. Caddie Willie Peterson leapt into the air after Jack Nicklaus landed a 40-foot shot on the 16 th (par-3) for birdie.

Great Caddie 1

Photo by Augusta National

Some of the greatest caddies bring decades of experience with them. Look at Willie McRae, who started looping in 1943 on his 10 th birthday. He retired after 74 years. Over the course of his career, he worked the 1951 Ryder Cup, caddied for Bobby Jones and five US presidents.


Build Your Own Relationships Too!

Golf is a social game. Some of the strongest and longest relationships have been forged on the greens. You may not have a caddy, but I'm sure your golfing partner wouldn't mind giving you a second opinion on any shot. Why not take a break from this fast-paced world? Call up some of those friends and family members you’re always trying to connect with and go for a round at Willow Valley Golf Course! We’d love to have you come out and join us.

Great Caddie 2

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