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Tips for Beginner Golfers

16 Jun 2017

Deciding to take up golf is an exciting decision! You get to learn something new, and will have a fun activity to enjoy after work or on weekends. Golf is a game that you continually improve upon, so you also get the opportunity to set goals and compete against yourself. That being said, don't get discouraged if your game isn't where you expected it to be after playing a couple of rounds. It can take awhile to hone your skills! Here are a couple of tips and pieces of advice to keep in mind when you are just starting out.

A Couple of Tips

1. Don't buy new clubs. You're new to the game and excited to get into things so it seems like a good idea to buy a set of clubs. Buying new clubs is expensive, so it is best to borrow a set until you get more comfortable playing. You have no way of knowing which set of clubs is right for you until you have played a couple of times, so buying too early can be an expensive mistake. Save yourself some money and wait on making this investment!

2. Invest in lessons. Starting golf can be tricky, as you can pick up bad habits that are hard to erase. It is easy to think that you know what you're doing from watching tournaments and hearing friends talk about their rounds, but seeing someone do something and doing it yourself are two very different things! This makes it a good idea to get lessons from a golf professional. Don't take lessons from friends or family unless they REALLY know what they are doing. you could pick up their habits or adapt a style that isn't right for your strengths. Invest in lessons and they will properly teach you the fundamentals and a style that is right for you.

3. Brush up on the rules. This one may seem obvious, but you won't have much fun out on the course if you don't understand whats going on. Understanding basic rules and concepts such as the difference between a bogey and a birdie, and what to do when you hit your ball into the water off of a tee shot is essential. You will enjoy the game more if you aren't constantly asking the other players to explain the rules. This doesn't mean you have to become an expert overnight, it is okay to ask a couple of questions! You and your partners will enjoy the game more if you understand the basics of the game, but you aren't expected to know every rule immediately.                                                                                                       

4. Practice! You probably won't master anything your coach teaches you in the first couple of lessons. In golf, practice is key. Go to a range and practice your driving, chipping and putting to greatly improve your game and master the techniques you have been taught. A perfect swing doesn't just happen overnight!

"The more I practice, the luckier I get" - Gary Players

5. Relax. Try not to get frustrated if your round isn't going as planned. It is easy to compare yourself to others in your group, but remember, they have been playing longer. No one is expecting you to be hitting birdies on every hole. So relax, and enjoy the game! Instead of getting frustrated ask them for tips on how to improve upon your weak spots! You'll end up enjoying yourself more if you focus less on what you are doing wrong.         


Playing With a Beginner

If you are playing with someone who is a beginner, there are also a couple of things to keep in mind. Don't get frustrated. They will be a bit slower than you on the course, so it is important not to make them feel rushed or get annoyed if they are taking a bit longer to complete their round. Offer tips only if you can see them getting frustrated with their game, or if they have let you know they are open to advice. If they are happy with how they are playing don't offer up unwanted advice! 

Visit our driving range to improve your game or head over to the course if you're ready for a round! Book a tee time online or give the pro shop a call at (905)-679-2703. Our friendly and accommodating staff help ensure that you have a great round whether its your first time out on the course or you're a regular!

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