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Fall Golf at Willow Valley!

23 Sep 2020
Summer is slowly fading away. The leaves are beginning to turn to their vibrant fall colours; the weather is cooling down; and as the rains pick-up, Willow Valley is looking absolutely amazing! Fall is my favourite season, especially for golf. We’re leaving the summer sweats behind us and welcoming comfortable days on the course in our jackets! We’ve put together a list of some essential equipment for fall golf, as well as some tips and guidelines on golfing at Willow Valley during fall 2020! 

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Now for some essential fall golf equipment that you’ll want in your bag, or in the car for your fall rounds at Willow Valley:
  • Rain pants, jacket, and an umbrella → Fall is notorious for higher winds, and precipitation. Be prepared for any situation despite the forecast… We all know how misleading the weather man can be! 
  • A towel → For the same reasons as the rain gear, a towel will come in handy on those cold, wet days! Having a small one on your bag for cleaning your clubs is given, but keeping one in the car can make your ride home much more comfortable.
  • Spare socks → Yet another key item to make your ride home comfortable!
  • Two gloves → While it’s common for golfers to wear one glove, not enough players carry a second for wet conditions. You’ll be thankful to have a good grip when the rain falls. 
  • Hand warmers → As we get closer and closer to winter, temperatures are starting to drop. Hand warmers can provide some relief from the cold as you go from shot to shot. 
  • Thermos with a warm drink → Whether you’re a coffee person or a tea person, it’s hard to beat a nice warm drink during a brisk morning round! 

Still Some Restrictions on The Course...

We’re still operating under some restrictions on the course, and we urge all our customers to adhere to the guidelines we provide during the booking process, and at the course. We’re working hard every day to keep all our customers and employees safe during these uncertain times. Check out our last two blog posts all about planning your round, and some of the course etiquette rules we have implemented. 

Fall conditions have arrived at Willow Valley!

Brush Up on Your Golf Rules for Fall!

Another thing to keep in mind when visiting Willow Valley for a fall round, is to not be worried about moving any leaves or twigs around that may be in your way! Obviously fall brings with it a dusting of deciduous leaves, and as long as you’re not improving your lye or moving your ball, you have every right to pick-up and move any leaves around your ball that may cause a distraction. For complete details on this particular rule, head to this page from The R&A all about Rule 15: Relief from Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions (including Ball or Ball-Marker Helping or Interfering with Play). 

We have hundreds of regular customers that love to golf at Willow Valley!

Fall is a truly wonderful season for golf. The weather is comfortable, the course conditions are fantastic, and the scenery is beautiful! Come to Willow Valley to enjoy a round today. We know you’re going to love it. 
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